Addressing Air, Noise and Chemical Pollution in the Workplace

ECOR has designed and developed a Self-cleaning Filtration and Fan Unit to address air, noise, and chemical pollution in and around the workplace.  Our filtration unit addresses the health and safety concerns of workers and enhances the working environment.  We provide safe and comprehensive, leading edge technology that is fully compliant with the latest legislation regarding air and noise pollution.

Why the ECOR Filtration Unit?

  • ECOR′s filtration technology is unique in the sense that it cleans itself and requires 50% less energy when compared to conventional methods

  • There is no down time on production (due to no replacement of filter media and cartridges)

  • ECOR sets a new standard for filtration performance


  • Power Range

    3 Kw ~ 14 Kw or more depending on application

  • Filtration Range

    3 m³/sec ~ 15 m³/sec (or more per unit)

  • Static Air Pressure

    300Pa ~ 3000Pa

  • Number of Units

    Can be configured to couple to a common manifold (this allows for massive amounts of air movement)

    5 units and more will not be uncommon, can be coupled in Serie or Parallel.

  • Integrated Filtration

    Large abrasive particles are separated and captured first before final filtration.

  • Filter Housing Material

    6mm wall thickness, polyethylene, UV and corrosion resistant.

    Filter housing materials can also be manufactured from mild or stainless steel.

  • Self-Cleaning

    Can be programmed to clean itself when not in production

  • Filters from 1 micron and less to 10mm particles and bigger

  • Semi-, or deep scrubbing to remove all toxic gasses and bad odours

  • Custom application and specifications available

    Can be built to suit customer requirements.

  • Programmable Logic Control

    Contains a PLC to clean itself while not in production.  PLC can be programmed to suit all requirements.

  • Controlled Particle Collection

    Particles are collected in a concealed container to be discarded in a controlled manner or to be used as a product recovery.

  • For use in various Industries

    Very versatile, can be used in  light-, medium-, or heavy industries to supply clean quality air and extract polluted air.

  • Apporoved by the Industrial Development Corporation of SA