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About ECOR Cleaning

ECOR offers a unique and exclusive product range consisting of both completed and 90% completed innovations.  All of ECOR’s products aim to revolutionise technology for a cleaner and healthier globe.

The Department of Environmental Affairs of South Africa recognises the contribution ECOR’s Innovative products can make in the fight for sustainable environmental management. ECOR strives to enhance global ecosystem its environmentally friendly products and innovations to address areas of concern that include the following:

* Sewerage Spills and Poor School Sanitation  Infrastructure; Water Contamination and Pollution; Expensive Electricity.

ECOR’s in-house technical ingenuity has led to successful development of innovative solutions from invention, design and concept models right up to meeting manufacturing and commercial standards. Our products are unique and in a field of their own, and they are very versatile and cover a broad spectrum of the market with nearly no competition.


Our Products and Innovations

WE invented and developed the ECOR Spray Gun Cleaning Machine. This machine cleans spray guns without disassembling it.  By disassembling the spray gun it loses it’s service excellence.

This machine has won several awards to date, including:

The IDESA award from Sweden which recognizes the ECOR Spray Gun Cleaning Machine as the best innovative product for 2005

-A certificate awarded by ARMSA in 2005 for the most innovative and futuristic molded product

-“Best Product Of The Year” at a recent ARMSA Roto Moulding Conference in 2005

-An award in 2003 by the Fire and Emergency Services (Pty) Limited for eliminating current problems within the industry regarding flammable liquids and dangerous means of work. They also recognized the several safety features built into the product e.g. all flammable vapors are eliminated by the special dual ECOR filters etc.

-A certificate awarded by Sasol which recognizes that the ECOR Spray Gun Cleaning Machine eliminates 98% of the harmful and toxic vapors that are released into the atmosphere. This proves that the ECOR Spray Gun Cleaning Machine is the most environmentally friendly and safest product of its kind in the industry.

IN PRODUCTION (patented)

The Spray Gun Cleaning Machine cleans any spray gun in 15 seconds using only 25ml thinners in, and outside without stripping the spray gun.
Cleans other equipment i.e. mixing jugs, mixing sticks, viscosity cups, mixer heads, cups, etc.
Due to no stripping of spray gun, the lifespan of the spray gun is drastically lengthened.
User and Environmentally Friendly, absorbs harmful gasses by special self cleaning filters during washing cycle.


This machine is designed for the bakery industry to enhance production.  Manufactured from high-grade stainless steel and polyethylene, which are all compatible to the food industry. This machine can be programmed to cut and size dough to any size and shape as required.  After seizing, product will be sorted and packed to the customer’s needs via the conveyor system.

The ECOR Automatic Pastry Seizer and Sorter Machine can be supplied at much lower cost compared to international products of its kind.  This product is robust and still in operation since 1997 24/7 with little maintenance.


Used in Spray Booths or Preparation bays, where overspray dust and fumes are extracted for flow control and a clean environment is maintained.


Comprises of a pneumatic or hydraulic high-energy energizer connected to a floatable drive-on platform, mounted on ground level.

The oscillating movement instantly detects any play or wear on a vehicle’s suspension connection rods, stabilizers, etc.  Results are relayed onto a computer screen for further analysis.


Frequent electricity supply failures is a reality in SA for various reasons.

It now becomes a necessity for every home & business to have backup power supply.

ECOR’s Standby Generator Sets, with or without AMF Control Panels, can be supplied at a much lower cost.  Sizes & models ranges from as small as 10 kVA up to 500 kVA.

The AMF Control Panel is installed in an all-weather, heavy-duty powder coated box with the following functions:

  • High Temp Switch
  • Fuel Output
  • Crank Output
  • Low oil pressure / low oil level
  • Acts as a lightning arrestor
  • High & Low power surges
  • Test Facility, etc.


This prototype unit consists of multiple rotary fans (with various blade pitches and sizes) and dual electric motors.  Initial studies indicate a ± 30% saving in consumed energy in comparison with traditional fans of its kind.



This is the first and the only spray booth in the world to control airflow and eliminates turbulence.  Because the booth is incorporated with the ECOR Booster and Extractor Fan Unit, a 30% saving in electricity will be possible.  The ECOR Self-Cleaning Filtration Unit will eliminate the replacement of filter media, resulting in little maintenance.

The ECOR Extraction Base Floor with its unique method of operation allows dust particles to be removed over the entire floor area unlike any other spray booth today.  Due to the controlled airflow and removal of dust and overspray particles, a higher quality spray job is assured with far less flat and polish afterwards.  The floor construction has a self-leveling mechanism, which allows it to be installed onto any existing, uneven floors (no civil work required).

IN PRODUCTION (Patent Pending)

Consists of permanent Stainless Steel filter media and/or polypropylene depleted media, which is compatible to VOC’s and other chemicals.  Contains a Programmable Control Unit (PLC) to clean itself while not in production.   Particles are collected in a concealed container so it can be collected, reused or discarded in a controlled manner.  The most versatile of all other products and can be used in any application from domestic, light, medium or heavy industries to supply or extract clean, quality air.



Similar to working station, but different in design.  Simply activate with the key, keypad or remote and unit will rise up from hidden floor level.  When finished, reverse process and unit will return to floor level.  This product will simulate ideal climate conditions for wine and preserves it for many years.
Also acts as a safe or space saver.



Consists of pneumatic cylinder and shaft, which lifts up a working platform.  This product can be used as a workstation, a space saver, vault, loader and unloader at various heights, as needed.  Simply activate with the key, keypad or remote and stop at required height.  After usage, reverse process and unit will return to floor level where it will blend in when tilled. Can also be covered with rug, furniture etc. for security and peace of mind.  Strong and robust enough to drive over it.



4-in-1 functions: Sewerage, Water Purifier, Organic Plant Food and Lightning Protector.  Comprises of 3 or 4 concrete reservoirs tanks.  First two tanks A and B are to break down solids the nature’s way.  Solids are broken down in the tank by anaerobic bacteria present in human waste.

Resulting in liquid effluent – heavy with urea and organic nitrogen.  Flows into a distribution head through activated media, where microbes in the soil convert it into inorganic plant food. From tank B, it will run into tank C where a distribution head will spread treated water through adjustable unloader valves to assure even water  supply to top soil of customer’s preferred site.



This system routes lightning surges away from homes, workshops, offices, etc.  Protects humans and valuables inside buildings.  This system is ideal to install on your Water Effluent Discharge System due to the wet ground conditions.  Wet ground is an excellent conductor of electricity; therefore, the Watering Plant will compliment this product.

This product can be installed as an accessory to the ECOR Effluent Plant or as a separate system.


This unit cleans all liquids by means of gravity feed system and a unique self pressurized system. No energy or electricity required.




Comprises of one or more power strokes which can be adjusted to suit any application ranging between 10 to 50 tons.

Due to pneumatic operation and multiple energy strokes, it can easily replace certain hydraulic energy which is expensive with high maintenance costs.




This unit can be programmed into any language and fits any vehicle.  When the fuel cap is opened, a voice transmitted through a tiny special speaker, embedded in the fuel cap, advises the attendant:  ”… THIS VEHICLE OPERATES ON …” (whatever fuel your car uses, together with a flashing L.E.D.).

This unit can be sold as an aftermarket product but the main aim is to sell this concept and patent outright to any car manufacturer or investor.  This unit can then be incorporated into the standard features of tomorrow’s vehicles.



Similar in operation to the ECOR Spray Gun Cleaning Machine.  Universal cleaner that can wash any spare parts and components of various industries.  The strength of this machine is to recycle the cleaning material and reuse it repeatedly (e.g. Thinners, MEK and various other  cleaning detergents).

  • Easy to operate
  • Smaller plants based on gravity feed and do not require permanent staff
  • 90% underground
  • Very low maintenance
  • Bigger plants will produce methane (CH4) which will be captured and converted into electricity
  • No chemicals, it’s all biological
  • Very low risk of pollution and effluent will be converted to organic fertiliser
  • Capital outlay recovered within 24 months
  • No air pollution
  • Life expectancy ± 50 years