A cleaner, greener, brighter future

At Ecor, we firmly believe in the research and development of our innovative technologies that can be utilised to ensure the sustainability of environmental management – providing profound solutions to the current energy crisis the world is experiencing.

To create a world we can leave behind to our children, we first need to create a world they would want to live in.

Our Mission

To be part of and contribute to global efforts towards promotion of universal access to clean energy and portable water through deployment of innovative technologies.

  • Waste Management

    ECOR’s Anaerobic Digester Reactor (ADR) Plant can process organic waste from a minimum of 1 ton to 1000 tons per day, depending on requirements, budget and feedstock availability.

  • Air Quality

    We have developed a Self Cleaning Filtration and Fan Unit as an urgent filtration solution to address air quality, noise and chemical pollution in and around the workplace.

  • Waste to Energy

    Alternative power resources are in high demand, one of these sources include the use of Biogas – an efficient and effective renewable energy source possibility.

  • Research and Development

    We thoroughly research and develop products that cover a broad spectrum of the market – all with one goal in mind; to continuously build towards a cleaner, greener environment.